3 Fast and Simple Ideas for Easter Decorations

Need some Easter cheer? These three quick and easy ideas for Easter decorations may help. With a little creativity, you can conjure up pretty eye-catchers that are uniquely individual.

Easter Eggs with Napkin Technique

There are many ways to color Easter eggs, though decorating with a napkin technique is rarely seen. All you need are hard-boiled eggs, paper napkins, scissors, a brush and napkin glue. White eggs are best because the napkin motifs are clearly visible on them. The top layer of the napkin is peeled off and the desired motif is cut out. Brush the egg with napkin glue and attach the motif in the desired position. Allow time to dry.

Easter Bunnies Made from Rice and Paper

You need balloons, rice, scissors, wrapping paper, thread, cotton wool and glue. First, the balloon is filled with rice so that it takes on the size of an ordinary chicken egg. Then tie the balloon and cover it with a rectangular strip of wrapping paper. Tie this together with the yarn above the balloon and cut the ends in the shape of rabbit ears. Attach a piece of cotton wool as a rabbit tail and you are done!

Wire Easter Bunnies

These are easy favorites to make. You just need wire and wooden balls to make them. Take a piece of long wire and bend a third of it into the shape of rabbit ears. Guide the ends through the opening of a wooden ball and bend the short end so that the ball does not slip. Then bend the long end of the wire into a spiral that becomes larger downwards.