3 Fast and Simple Ideas for Easter Decorations

Need some Easter cheer? These three quick and easy ideas for Easter decorations may help. With a little creativity, you can conjure up pretty eye-catchers that are uniquely individual.

Easter Eggs with Napkin Technique

There are many ways to color Easter eggs, though decorating with a napkin technique is rarely seen. All you need are hard-boiled eggs, paper napkins, scissors, a brush and napkin glue. White eggs are best because the napkin motifs are clearly visible on them. The top layer of the napkin is peeled off and the desired motif is cut out. Brush the egg with napkin glue and attach the motif in the desired position. Allow time to dry.

Easter Bunnies Made from Rice and Paper

You need balloons, rice, scissors, wrapping paper, thread, cotton wool and glue. First, the balloon is filled with rice so that it takes on the size of an ordinary chicken egg. Then tie the balloon and cover it with a rectangular strip of wrapping paper. Tie this together with the yarn above the balloon and cut the ends in the shape of rabbit ears. Attach a piece of cotton wool as a rabbit tail and you are done!

Wire Easter Bunnies

These are easy favorites to make. You just need wire and wooden balls to make them. Take a piece of long wire and bend a third of it into the shape of rabbit ears. Guide the ends through the opening of a wooden ball and bend the short end so that the ball does not slip. Then bend the long end of the wire into a spiral that becomes larger downwards.

5 Plywood Interior Design Ideas

One of the trendiest materials in interior design is plywood. The material brings fantastic ideas which inspire and create elegant and simple home interiors. Plywood is versatile and perfect for creating eco-friendly and architectural designs and products. It’s highly aesthetical features, and practical features have made plywood a popular alternative among many designers. Here are five plywood interior design ideas worth looking into.

Wall and Ceiling Finishes

Plywood’s special texture makes it one of the best finishing materials. Its quite warm and exciting colour creates a catchy accent in the interior. If you couple it with the correct details, it becomes the primary target. Plywood can be mounted on walls, painted or stained to deliver a pleasant decorative effect. It also adds lightness and attractive simplicity to your ceiling to create warm and modern interiors with a rustic touch.


Plywood furniture design is mostly done in the Scandinavian style and has been the trending new style. Since the 20th century, plywood has been the only furniture material that is as flexible and malleable as plastic. Bent plywood furniture pieces are popular and eco friendly. They blend contemporary inspirations and creative design ideas with original forms and modern technologies: https://journal.tylko.com/5-iconic-designers-plywood-furniture/

Kids Designs and Playhouses

Plywood opens an opportunity to be creative. It allows you to enhance kids designs with modern and unique ideas. It’s suitable for innovative forms and surprising solutions. Plywood is an ideal material if you have some designs for your kids, especially furniture related. This eco-friendly and cost-effective solution is perfect for building playhouses for your kids and modern furniture for kids’ rooms.

Constructive Elements

Many interior designs can be made with plywood, including wardrobes, staircases, podiums, and partitions. Plywood sheets come in different sizes and thickness, and the field of their application matters. They can withstand large shock loads and weight, depending on the thickness of the plywood used and where it was applied.

Home Decorations

Plywood remains one of the best craft materials that can be turned into fantastic home decorations. You can create bed headboards, bookshelves, lighting fixtures, coat hooks, floor lamps, and mirror frames, among many things. It’s one of the most versatile materials you can use to create most of your home accessories and create a natural and modern look.


Plywood is a material to test your artistry skills within your home. From staircases to ceiling and walls, you have unlimited ways to use this natural material.

5 Best Online Furniture Stores

Buying furniture can be a lot of fun but it can also be a difficult process. From where to find the new pieces you want in your home to bagging an incredible deal. But with online shopping, you can transform your home without driving around hoping to find the perfect furniture.

Here’s a list of online stores that will give the best deals in terms of your taste, quality, and delivery.

Bedbath and Beyond

Looking for a piece of furniture that will make your space look like a million bucks? Take a seat, because you’re sitting on it. Bed Bath and Beyond stocks a wide range of decor pieces that will give your home a stylish makeover you will love. From modern sectionals, chic dining sets, and classy office furniture, they’ve got everything you need to transform your house into a place you treasure.

Lulu and Georgia

Your home should be a space that reflects your personality and inspires you. That’s why Lulu and Georgia design furniture with thoughtful, no-fuss details to make spaces more comfortable, connected, and beautiful. From adjustable bedroom furniture to sophisticated dining sets in modern designs, Lulu & Georgia has something for every room – curated to help you effortlessly create the home of your dreams.

ABC Carpet &Homes

The home is where the heart is, and also where the party happens. You don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of boring rugs that look like they belong in your grandfather’s house. At ABC they will teach the Abcs of proper design. They stock an ample range of decor pieces that will give your home a stylish makeover you will love. From Morrocan vintage rugs, modern carpets, and classy home furniture, ABC Carpet & Home is all you need for a memorable space you can call your own.


No matter how tiny your apartment is, you can make it feel like a home with the help of Apt2B. Based in Los Angeles, Apt2B’s furniture is designed to be affordable and durable, making it easy to turn any place into a home. Leather sofas and chairs are made for comfort as well as style, while sleek coffee tables and desks offer a touch of class to any living space. And with adjustable beds and bedroom sets built for small bedrooms or studios, you’ll never have to choose between comfort and style again.


The Tylko Shelves are the perfect fit for any modern living space. You can place them anywhere in your home and add a unique touch to it. They’re adjustable, so you can change their height at any time.

Thanks to us you can find the perfect furniture online.